GTR 2012 Registration Page
  Teams Registered
107 teams
  States Represented 16

Here's who came to GTR 2012:
  Teams in RED have attended every GTR.
Teams in BLUE are in the GTR Hall of Fame (6 or more GTRs)
  Teams in GREEN are attending their first GTR.

  Acuff Bob Acuff Kat FL Red Burley Softride You can call them Team BobKat.
  Adams Ken Adams Vickie TN Splattered Ibis Cousin It Team Adams is from Dandridge, the second oldest town in Tennessee.
  Adams Ron Adams Cheryl FL Silver/Black Co-Motion Robusta First rally on their new tandem.
  Ahern Dan Ahern Kay SC Citrus Cannondale RT1000 Kay is retiring this year.
  Barichivich Jamie Staiger Jennifer FL Red Cannondale They rode a tandem mountain bike before they had a tandem road bike.
  Barnes Rufus Barnes Kitty TX White/Black Co-Motion She loves dogs and he loves golf.
  Bernier Conrad Bernier Barbara FL Mango/Red Co-Motion Supremo Back for their second GTR.
  Beyer Daniel Beyer Peggy TN Santana Beyond Even at 137, they still have "Georgia on their minds".
  Bills Ken Bills Mary FL Blue Santana Team Nobium Brave captain, timid stoker
  Blackmon Charlie Blackmon Resa SC Blue Trek T2000 Would rather be riding their single bikes.
  Boggess Jerry Boggess Laurie TX Santana Team Ti 700 2011 was the first time in 10 years they rode at least 2 rides in every month.
  Boland John Boland Mitzi GA Litespeed Taliani They rode RAIN in 2011, Ride Across Indiana, that is. 160 miles in one day.
  Bolton Jim Kang Charlotte GA Black Santana Arriva There is a sunken tub in their guest bathroom.
  Borer Paul Borer Jody GA Yellow Bushnell S+S Big Navy football fans.
  Boyce Barry Boyce Pamela FL Silver Santana Sovereign Their tandem traveled 18,720 miles in 2011.
  Brackett Rick Brackett Debbie FL Titanium Santana Beyond Rick is a certified scuba instructor and Debbie is a certified scuba rescue diver.
  Bullard Steve Bullard Eva GA Champagne/Black Co-Motion Eva is from L.A. (lower Alabama). Steve is from Sherwood Forest England.
  Burkett Alan Burkett Joanne SC Clemson Orange Burley They love "The Big Bang Theory" on TV.
  Caywood Skeeter Caywood Twila GA White Cannondale From Acworth, the "Lake City of Georgia".
  Chmelir Bill Chmelir Julie MO Sunrise Pearl Co-Motion Only tandem team in their villa.
  Cochrum Ken Cochrum Ann FL White/Red Cannondale They met at age 7, in the first grade.
  Cooley Frank Cooley Terry OH Red Co-Motion Speedster The Cooleys don't like rutabagas.
  Coughlin Dan Coughlin Dolores NC Black/Yellow Paketa V2R They co-founded the Tailwind tandem club in Charlotte.
  Davis Lisa Davis Anna SC Mango Co-Motion Triplet Anna has been accepted to Bucknell University.
  Deacon Jack Deacon Pat KY Red Santana The Pat Deacon Classic basketball tournament was started by Transylvania 2011.
  DiLorenzo Richard DiLorenzo Shirley IN Yellow Co-Motion Macchiato They have been riding since 1985.
  Dobberfuhl Larry Dobberfuhl Audrey SC Blue Cannondale They took their honeymoon on a tandem.
  Donatelli Alex Gronseth Sheila FL Green/White Santana They just started riding in January.
  Eakle Jeffrey Eakle Darlene FL Yellow Co-Motion Speedster It's their 10th wedding anniversary.
  Engler Dan Engler Sue SC White/Silver/Violet Borthwick Their accents will tell you that they were not born in South Carolina.
  Frank Cliff Frank Joyce VA Orange Fade Santana Team AL Joyce didn't ride until Cliff put her on the tandem while they were courting six years ago.
  Gerber Tom Gerber Denise SC Gold/Black DaVinci Riding for 8 years, the captain is a Barnett Bicycle Institute trained mechanic.
  Gilchrist Chris Gilchrist Rachel MN Gray Santana Beyond Their first date was a bike ride.
  Gill Andrew Gill Allyson FL Ti Litespeed Taliani Held hostage for 8 hours on Honeymoon Island in 2008.
  Glass Bill Glass Sametta TN Champagne/Black Co-Motion Left their wedding reception 28 years ago on their Santana tandem.
  Goertz Jack Goertz Susan AL Santana Ti-700 S+S They met under a tree in a park in Birmingham.
  Graham Dan Graham Suzy FL Titanium Santana Team Graham lives in Florida, and in Dublin.
  Graves Mark Graves Natalie GA Santana Sovereign A father-daughter team.
  Graves Teresa Graves Alexia GA Red Co-Motion Periscope A mother-daughter team.
  Grimm Tom Grimm Teresa FL Blue Santana Sovereign Tom completed the 2011 Bicycle Tour of Colorado.
  Harris Charles Harris Judy MI Santana Team Ti They have been riding the same tandem since 1998.
  Hart Marv Hart Orlene FL Red Santana Arriva Excellent handwriting on their registration form.
  Hunter Christen Hunter Audrey TN Violet Co-Motion Trident Recently imported from Poland.
  Hury Tom Hury Barb FL Red Co-Motion Robusta They spent six days in the hospital after a deer-related incident.
  Jensen Brian Jensen Donna FL Green Santana Arriva They make each other smile.
  Job Douglas Pfile Angela GA Teal Cannondale They have bicycled on two continents.
  Johns Jim Johns Cathie FL Red Cannondale RT2000 They are both Desert Storm veterans.
  Jones Lonnie Jones Carol OH White Cannondale Their first tandem was a Harley.
  Jordan Robert Jordan Betty Jean GA Blue Burley Rivazza Their ages are both prime numbers, which will not happen again until 2029!
  Judd Chris Judd Monica FL Blue/Green Co-Motion Primera They like to ride their clown bike.
  Kamp Jim Kamp Ann IL Aloha Fade Santana Their tandem has been on three continents.
  Katzman Steve Katzman Debi FL Blue Co-Motion Speedster Steve attended Woodstock. They retired in 2011. Debi will be 60 on May 21st.
  Kelly John Kelly Johnetta FL Burgundy Calfee Tetra They have waited 15 years for this tandem.
  Knecht Greg Knecht Angela FL White/Silver Erickson Signature They plan to climb Mt. Kiliminjaro and do a safari trip.
  Kniseley Greg Kniseley Joanie FL Black Santana Beyond Joanie is 51 on May 17th.
  Krieger Seth Peres Kathy FL White Co-Motion Cappuccino After 39 years together, Seth now has to share his nuts with Kathy.
  Leafman Peter McDaniel Margaret GA Red Trek T2000 They went to Dublin, Ireland in April, 2012
  Leland Bill Lundin Sara NC Blue Co-Motion Co-Pilot Call them "Team BS" for short
  Livingood Mark Livingood Debbie GA Carbon Calfee Tetra When not on the Calfee, Team Livingood rides a Harley-Davidson tandem.
  Lowe John Bivin Mary FL White Cannondale They met 18 years ago through a personal ad.
  MacElderry Robert MacElderry Lisa SC Red Rans Screamer The only recumbent registered at GTR 2012.
  McCabe Duncan McCabe Laura NC Litespeed Taliani They are TCA membership chairs.
  McKnight Dwight McKnight Donna NC Blue Cannondale She lets him lead on the bike.
  Mohs James LeBlanc Brenda TN Silver/Black Co-Motion They like PBR and ballet.
  Moore Jack Moore Caprice FL Yellow Co-Motion Speedster Jack's cousin is a GBI agent!
  Morris Dennis Morris Lyndsey FL Ti DaVinci Global Venture Last appeared at GTR in Statesboro, 2003.
  Murphy Bill Murphy Joyce NC White/Natural Calfee Team Murphy is from Stanfield, population 1200.
  Neulicht Roy Neulicht Ann NC Red Santana Arriva 34th wedding anniversary
  Novak Don Novak Carol FL Silver Trek T1000 Met while country-western dancing over 16 years ago.
  Osgood Eric Wood Linda GA Red/Blue Erickson S+S They had unused vacation days last year.
  Page Tim Page Vickie GA Green Cannondale Ridden a lot of BRAGs and love Dublin.
  Pape Lou Pape Cindy TN White Cannondale The captain once "dropped" the stoker.
  Parker Al Parker Heidi FL Yellow Co-Motion Co-Pilot

Heidi was the first baby girl born at Mercy Hospital in Miami.

  Peltzer Carl Tamura Ayako NC Orange Co-Motion Roadster Both have metal implants in their bodies.
  Presley Tim Presley Bev AL Blue Santana Sovereign All of their trips end up as adventures.
  Proctor Bo Proctor Carolyn NC White Cannondale They liked GTR so much last year that they are back.
  Purdo Michael Purdo Cindy GA Blue Burley Samba They both grew up in Harry Houdini's home town.
  Ratajczak Tom Ratajczak Robyn NC Black/Gold Santana Team Attended UK tandem rally in 2011. Now TCA's international liason.
  Ready Ed Ready Dot MO Silver Santana Sovereign Team Ready is "ready" for GTR 2012.
  Reynolds Earle Reynolds Laura FL White/Tangelo Co-Motion It took them longer to decide on their bike colors than on their components.
  Rodriguez Jose Rodriguez Sherry GA Red/Purple Rodriguez They stayed overnight with a tribe of headhunters in Borneo.
  Rowe Randy Rowe Claudia GA A New Co-Motion They are a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.
  Rubenstein Marv Rubenstein Miryam FL Aqua Zona S+S They are always the oldest team at off-road tandem events.
  Sammons Jeff Sammons Joyce TN Blue Co-Motion Speedster They got married in Hawaii.
  Scheiblauer Ron Scheiblauer Shari GA White/Cinnamon Co-Motion Shari was Miss Lackland Air Force Base 1971.
  Smith David Smith Nancy GA Red Burley Tosa Have visited 48 states with Alaska coming soon.
  Smith Dixi Smith Ann MO Santana Ti 700 One of them has titanium knees.
  Smith Jim Botruff Tracy SC Red Co-Motion Primera They rode in Italy in 2011 on single bikes.
  Stevens Jake Stevens Pam AL Blue Cannondale You would never be able to tell that Jake is ex-military.
  Strauss Roger Kofsky Eve GA Tri-Fade Co-Motion Supremo One plays classic rock and one reads classic books.
  Straw Jack Straw Ann MO Titanium Santana They have moved 15 times during their marriage.
  Stumpf Chuck Stumpf Lois LA Red Santana Sovereign Met and married in Maryland, but never lived in Maryland as a married couple.
  Sutton Denny Sutton Stephanie TN Red Co-Motion Robusta They have not ridden since GTR 2011.
  Talani John Sisk Susanna NC Blue/Silver Co-Motion Speedster You can call them Team Task for short.
  Thompson Bob Thompson Jan FL Titanium Seven Axiom Jan is the founder of the Silver Rockets dance team and Bob is their announcer.
  Tomassetti Jeff Debile Debby FL Silver DaVinci They are going to ride across Switzerland in July.
  Trowbridge Stephen Trowbridge Lynn AL Red Santana Arriva Got a mountain bike tandem as their 30th wedding anniversary gift to each other.
  Turner John-Mark Turner Amelia GA Blue Co-Motion Periscope John-Mark is the father and Amelia is the sister to 4-year old triplets.
  Ullmann Reg Ullmann Michele FL Blue/Gold Bushnell Last summer they snorkeled thru a fissure between the N. American and European tectonic plates in Iceland.
  Vermeulen John Vermeulen Lee NC Tri-Fade Co-Motion They have seven grandchildren.
  von Neumann Michael von Neumann Nancy GA Green/Champagne Co-Motion They never take their bike on vacation.
  Wallace Ken Wallace Susan AL Silver Santana Exogrid 700 The Wallaces are from Dothan, AL, the 172nd largest TV market in the country.
  Weaver Mark Snow-Weaver Andi TX Ti Santana From Austin, TX, the "City of the Violet Crown"
  Williams Bruce Williams Trish MO Silver Santana Scandium California transplants, converted to the Midwest.
  Wood Arthur Wood Maureen FL Cinnamon Co-Motion Macchiato Will be married 47 years on May 29th.
  Woodington Ken Woodington Libit SC Red Co-Motion Mocha They are 10th cousins. Their common ancestor died in 1595.
  Young Dick Young Patty FL Black Santana Beyond Riding tandem since 1992.