Rally attendance: 76 teams
States represented: 12
Alabama: 6 teams
Florida: 22 teams
Georgia: 20.5 teams
Kentucky: 4 teams
Maryland: 1 team
Michigan: 2 teams
Mississippi: 1 team
Missouri: 3 teams
North Carolina: 3 teams
Pennsylvania: 1 team
South Carolina: 6.5 teams
Tennessee: 5 teams
Here is who attended GTR 2005:
Dan Ahern, Kay Ahern from GA on their Citrus Cannondale RT1000
Don Appel, Debbie Myers from GA/SC on their Red Santana Arriva
Ray Arnold, Tisha Arnold from TN on their Purple/Green Cannondale
David Bell, Andrew Bell, Sarah Bell from KY on their Blue Triplet
Annette Bell, Kathleen Bell from KY on their Red Cannondale
Jud Bishop, Sam Bishop from AL on their Purple/Green Cannondale
Charles Blackmon, Sheresa Blackmon from SC on their Blue Trek 2000
Jim Bolton, Charlotte Kang from GA on their Black Santana Arriva
Jim Brown, Sheri Brown from AL on their Green Co-Motion Speedster
JW Bruce, Lori Bruce from MS on their Stealth Santana Ti-700
Steve Bullard, Eva Bullard from GA on their Black Dawes Galaxy
Alan Burkett, Joanne Burkett from SC on their Orange Burley Paso Doble
Peter Burns, Joann Burns from GA on their Silver Santana Sovereign
Bill Chmelir, Julie Chmelir from MO on their Shadeshifter Santana Sovereign
Jim Clark, Virginia Clark from FL on their Shadeshifter Santana Sovereign
Bill Clay, Anna Rivola-Clay from NC on their Blue Bushnell
Linc Clay, Karen Girard from FL on their Blue Cannondale MT2000
David Crites, Sonya Crites from GA on their Black Bilenky Viewpoint
Dan Coughlin, Dolores Coughlin from NC on their White/Cranberry Meridian Ascension
Jack Deacon, Pat Deacon from KY on their Silver/Red Santana
Kenneth deJong, Wendy deJong from GA on their Yellow/Blue Bushnell S+S
Larry Dobberfuhl, Audrey Dobberfuhl from SC on their Blue Cannondale
Dan Engler, Sue Engler from MI on their White/Silver/Violet Borthwick
Jim Flatter, Jackie Parries from FL on their Silver/Gray Co-Motion Supremo
Ray Freeman, Shelley Freeman from FL on their Cranberry Co-Motion Speedster
Paul Fretts, Zilpha Fretts from AL on their Red Rans Screamer
Ray Fry, Mary Fry from GA on their Red Santana Visa
Mike Gardner, Susan Gardner from AL on their Green Co-Motion Cappucino
Jack Goertz, Susan Goertz from AL on their Bike TBD
Tom Grimm, Teresa Grimm from FL on their Blue Santana Sovereign
Lee Horning, Jennifer Horning from GA on their Blue Cannondale
Tony Howd, Katy Howd from GA on their Orange Cannondale MT900
David Hunter, Christen Hunter from GA on their Ti Litespeed Taliani
Steve Katzman, Debi Katzman from FL on their Blue Co-Motion Speedster
Greg Knecht, Angela Knecht from FL on their White/Silver Erickson Signature
Seth Krieger, Kathy Peres from FL on their White Co-Motion Cappuccino
Rick Lindstrom, Terri Bowen from FL on their Blue Cannondale RT2000
Mark Livingood, Debbie Livingood from GA on their Erickson Custom
Mitch Lyman, Allison Lyman from FL on their Chrome-Illusion Co-Motion Primera
Mike Maness, Virginia Maness from FL on their Purple/Green Cannondale
Jim Mann, Jane Mann from FL on their Lime-gold/White Co-Motion Supremo
Walt Martin, Nancy Martin from GA on their Violet Santana Sovereign
Bill Martz, Sally Martz from MI on their Dark Green KHS Tandemania
Cullen Matthews, Susan Matthews from FL on their Brown Burley Duet Softride
John McCowan, Leslie McCowan from FL on their Green Cannondale
Robert Memmel. Rose Memmel, Jordan Memmel from FL on their Blue Santana Triplet
James Mohs, Brenda LeBlanc from TN on their Yellow Burley Pasa Doble
Jack Moore, Caprice Moore from FL on their Yellow Co-Motion Speedster
Bob Neurath, Sue Neurath from GA on their Burgundy Santana Noventa
Kevin Nyberg, Lori Nyberg from SC on their Blue Santana Arriva
Eric Osgood, Linda Wood, "Zeke" Osgood from GA on their Red Thorn Trident
Al Parker, Heidi Parker from FL on their Blue/Purple Co-Motion Co-Pilot
Tim Patterson, Sharon Patterson from TN on their Cinnamon Co-Motion Robusta
Jose Rodriguez, Sherry Rodriguez from GA on their Red'Purple Rodriguez
Ron Rollins, Abby Rollins, Leah Rollins from GA on their Black Cannondale
Bob Rose, Laureen Rose from GA on their Red Rans Screamer
Gary Rose, Diane Rose from KY on their Silver Santana Fusion
Marvin Rubenstein, Miryam Rubenstein from FL on their Aqua Arizona
Ralph Schmit, Cathy Schmit from GA on their White Gitane
*Dixi Smith, Ann Smith from MO on their Santana Ti 700
Gary Speary, Carol Speary from FL on their Green Cannondale RT1000
Jake Stevens, Pam Stevens from AL on their Black Rans Screamer
Roger Strauss, Eve Kofsky, Elliott Strauss from GA on their Tri-fade Co-Motion Triplet
*Jack Straw, Ann Straw from MO on their Graphite Santana Team Al
John Straw, Shannon Straw from GA on their Purple Montague TriFrame
John Talani, Susanna Sisk from NC on their Silver/Blue Co-Motion
Larry Tolbert and Robbie Pigg from TN on their Purple Santana Arriva
Jay Thome, Joan Thome from PA on their White Moseman
Carl Tinsley, Linda Tinsley from FL on their Blue Santana Arriva
Mark Tomazin, Carmen Tomazin from FL on their Red Bike E2
Tracey Trumbull, Cathy Trumbull from TN on their Pearl White Co-Motion Speedster
Galen Wallace, Nancy Levy from MD on their Red KHS Milano
Jim White, Jane White from FL on their Silver/Black Santana
Doug Whitmer, Linda Whitmer from FL on their Red Burley Duet
Ken Woodington, Libit Woodington from SC on their Purple Burley Samba
*Denotes first teams to register for the rally
Teams in RED have attended every Georgia Tandem Rally
Teams in GREEN are attending their first Georgia Tandem Rally

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