Rally attendance: 59 teams
States represented: 14
Countries represented: 2
Alabama: 4 teams
Delaware: 1 team
Florida: 18 teams
Georgia: 17 teams
Kentucky: 2 teams
Michigan: 1 team
Mississippi: 2 teams
Missouri: 1 team
North Carolina: 4 teams
Ontario, Canada: 1 team
South Carolina: 2 teams
Tennessee: 3 teams
Texas: 2 teams
Wisconsin: 1 team
The following teams attended GTR 2004:
Ed Altemus, Nancy Wright from TX on their White Doublevision
Holly Apperson, Ginny Allen from FL on their Sapphire Santana Sovereign
Ray Arnold, Tisha Arnold from TN on their Purple/Green Cannondale
Jud Bishop, Sam Bishop from AL on their Purple/Green Cannondale
Charles Blackmon, Sheresa Blackmon from SC on their Blue Trek 2000
Jack Boettger, Betty Boettger from DE on their Blue/White Cannondale RT 3000
Paul Borer, Jody Borer from GA on their Yellow Bushnell
Jim Brown, Sheri Brown from AL on their Green Co-Motion Speedster
J.W. Bruce, Lori Bruce from MS on their Stealth Santana Ti 700
Steve Bullard, Eva Bullard from GA on their Black Dawes Galaxy
Scott Corey, Rita Endt from MS on their Blue Santana Sovereign
Bill Chmelir, Julie Chmelir from MO on their Shadeshifter Santana Sovereign
*Jack Deacon, Pat Deacon from KY on their Silver/Red Santana
Kenneth deJong, Wendy deJong from GA on their Blue/Yellow Bushnell S+S
Jeff Delie, Mary Delie from FL on their Yellow Co-Motion Cappuccino
Smith Doss, Claude Monnier from NC on their Blue/Red Calfee Tetra-Tetra
Dan Engler, Sue Engler from MI on their White/Silver/Violet Borthwick
Ray Fry, Mary Fry from GA on their Red Santana Visa
Mike Gardner, Susan Gardner from AL on their Green Co-Motion Cappuccino
Tom Gardner, Laura Gardner from GA on their Purple Co-Motion Skycapp
Jim Green, Pat Anderson from FL on their Green Cannondale
Lee Horning, Jennifer Horning from GA on their Blue Cannondale
David Hunter, Christen Hunter from GA on their Ti Litespeed Taliani
Charlie Jenkins, Pat Jenkins from TX on their Yellow/Red/Orange Co-Motion Big Al
Gary Johnson, Chris Johnson from GA on their Red Burley Duet
Steve Katzman, Debi Katzman from FL on their Blue Co-Motion Speedster
Steven Kinman, Debby Kinman from GA on their Blue Trek T2000
Greg Knecht, Angela Knecht from FL on their White/Silver Erickson Signature
Seth Krieger, Kathy Peres from FL on their White Co-Motion Cappuccino
Gregory Kurth, Robyn Kurth, Alex Kurth from FL on their Silver Santana Sovereign SE
Rick Lindstrom, Terri Bowen from FL on their Galaxy Blue Cannondale
Mark Livingood, Debbie Livingood from GA on their Tri-Color Erickson
Susie Lueck, Kelly Lynch from SC on their Blue Rodriguez Toucan
Walt Martin, Nancy Martin from GA on their Violet Santana Sovereign
Peter Malon, Cathy Malon from ON, Canada on their Red Erickson
Michael Maness, Virginia Maness from FL on their Purple/Green Cannondale
Robert Memmel, Rose Memmel, Jordan Memmel from FL on their Blue Santana Triplet
James Mohs, Brenda LeBlanc from TN on their Yellow Burley
Jack Moore, Caprice Moore from FL on their Yellow Co-Motion Speedster
Bill and Joyce Murphy from NC on their Mango/Red Co-Motion Robusta
Eric Osgood, Linda Wood from GA on their Blue/Red Erickson S+S Custom
Al Parker, Heidi Parker from FL on their Blue/Purple Co-Motion Co-Pilot
Tim Patterson, Sharon Patterson from TN on their White Co-Motion Custom
Billy Richardson, Maura Richardson from FL on their Red Santana Fusion
Mike Robinson, Cheri Robinson from GA on their Red Burley Duet
Bob Rose, Laureen Rose from GA on their Red Rans Screamer
*Gary Rose, Diane Rose from KY on their Silver Raleigh
Marvin Rubenstein, Miryam Rubenstein from FL on their Red Rodriguez American
Tom Smith, Gloria Smith from FL on their Pewter Co-Motion Co-Pilot
Roger Strauss, Eve Kofsky, Elliott Strauss from GA on their Yellow/Red/Purple Co-Motion triplet
John Talani, Susanna Sisk from NC on their Silver/Blue Co-Motion
Tommy Torbert, Margaret Torbert from GA on their Red Cannondale RT 3000
John Vermeulen, Lee Vermeulen from NC on their Tri-Fade Co-Motion
Paul Wearing, Lisa Wearing, Emma Wearing, Mary Anna Wearing from GA on their Blue/White Erickson S+S
Les Westlake, Janet Westlake from FL on their Silver Burley Samba Softride
Jim White, Jane White from FL on thier Red Santana Team
Gary Wierzbinski, Denise Wierzbinski from WI on their Blue Burley Duet
Hal Yarbrough, Judy Yarbrough from AL on their Burgundy Meridian
Chip Young, Linda Young from FL on their Blue Cannondale RT2000
*Denotes teams that were first to register for the rally.
Teams in GREEN are attending their first Georgia Tandem Rally.
Teams in RED have attended every Georgia Tandem Rally.
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