Rally attendance: 73 teams
States represented: 15
Alabama: 3 teams
California: 1 team
Florida: 15 teams
Georgia: 24 teams
Indiana: 1 team
Kentucky: 1 team
Michigan: 2 team
Mississippi: 1 team
New Hampshire: 1 team
North Carolina: 9 teams
Oklahoma: 1 team
South Carolina: 3 teams
Tennessee: 9 teams
Texas: 1 team
Utah: 1 team
Here's who attended GTR 2003:
Ed Altemus, Nancy Wright from TX on their White Vision Doublevision
Holly Apperson, Ginny Allen from FL on their Dark Blue Santana Sovereign
Ray Arnold, Tisha Arnold from TN on their Purple Cannondale
Bruce Bachelder, Judi Bachelder from NC on their Santana
Martin Bailey, Betsy Bohannon from TN on their Silver Co-Motion Co-Pilot
David Bell, Annette Bell, Kathleen, Andrew and Sarah from TN on their Blue Triplet/trail-a-bike
Charles Blackmon, Sheresa Blackmon from SC on their Blue Trek T2000
John Boland, Ellie Richards from GA on their Blue Santana Arriva
Steve Bullard, Eva Bullard from GA on their Black Dawes Galaxy Twin
J.W. Bruce, Lori Bruce from MS on their Green/Black Cannondale MT2000
Charles Catterall, Kellie Catterall, Ethan Catterall, Joshua Catterall from GA on their Green Co-Motion
Rob Caudill, Judy Caudill from GA on their Yellow Burley Paso Doble
Linc Clay, Karen Girard from FL on their Green Cannondale
Bill Clay, Anna Rivola-Clay from NC on their Green Burley Rumba
Jim Craig, Nancy Craig from GA on their Pearl Co-Motion Co-Pilot
Kenneth deJong, Wendy deJong from GA on their Blue/Yellow Bushnell
John Dolansky, Nancy Dolansky from FL on their Purple Santana Arriva
Smith Doss, Claude Monnier from NC on their Black Santana Arriva
Ray Dykes, Christine Drabick from FL on their Silver Santana
Ray Eckenrode, Miriam Eckenrode, Anna Eckenrode from SC on their Red Meridian Triplet
Dan Engler, Sue Engler from MI on their White/Silver/Violet Borthwick
Jim Flatter, Jackie Parries from FL on their Green Santana Sovereign
Ray Fry, Mary Fry from GA on their Red Santana Visa
Mike Gardner, Susan Gardner from AL on their Co-Motion Cappuccino
Tom Gardner, Laura Gardner from GA on their Purple Co-Motion
Ron Gates, Connie Gates from GA on their Black Burley Samba
Don George, Kathy George from IN on their Yellow Greenspeed
Jack Goertz, Susan Goertz from AL on their Stealth Santana Titanium
Roger Grippe, Tracy Botruff from NC on their Dark Blue Santana
John Heineken, Barbara Heineken from FL on their Orange/Yellow Santana
Brian Hooker, Melody Hooker from NC on their Red Meridian Quest
Lee Horning, Jennifer Horning from GA on their Blue Cannondale
Jeff Hubbard, Donna Hubbard from TN on their Gold Cannondale RT3000
David Hunter, Christen Hunter from GA on their Litespeed Taliani
Mike Ingram, Lorie Conley, Breanna Ingram from TN on their Tan Burley Duet
Mike Jennings, Marilyn Jennings from UT on their Aluminum Rodriguez
Steve Kinman, Debby Kinman from GA on their Blue Trek T2000
Greg Knecht, Angela Knecht from FL on their Silver/White Erickson Signature
Gordon Langston, Mary Langston from SC on their Blue Trek T2000
Dan Leach, Terry Leach from MI on their Red Double Vision
Jerome Leach, Nancy Leach from FL on their Yellow Penninger
David Lee, Eleanor Schneider from NC on their Green Santana Arriva
Bill Leland, Sara Lundin from NC on their Blue Santana Arriva
Mark Livingood, Debbie Livingood from GA on their Erickson Custom
Jim Mann, Jane Mann from FL on their White/Gold Co-Motion Supremo
Walt Martin, Nancy Martin from GA on their Violet Santana Sovereign
Duncan McCabe, Laura McCabe from NC on their Silver Litespeed Taliani
Fred McLaughlin, Paula McLaughlin from NH on their Lunar Trek T200
Jack Moore, Caprice Moore from FL on their Yellow Co-Motion Speedster
Dennis Morris, Lyndsey Morris from FL on their Litespeed Taliani
Matt Mullins, Tonya Mullins from TN on their Purple Meridian Cascade
Eric Osgood, Linda Wood from GA on their Blue/Red Erickson
Al Parker, Heidi Parker from FL on their Blue/Purple Co-Motion Co-Pilot
*Tim Patterson, Sharon Patterson from TN on their White Co-Motion
Bill Pete, Megan Pete from GA on their Red Santana Arriva
Mike Rachelson, Linda Olsen from GA on their Blue Burley Duet
Benny Reeves, Anna Reeves from OK on their Gold Pearl Cannondale
Michael Robinson, Cheri Robinson from GA on their Red tandem
Ron Rollins, Abby Rollins, Leah Rollins from GA on their Black Cannondale
Marvin Rubenstein, Miryam Rubenstein from FL on their Red Rodriguez American
Ron Scheiblauer, Shari Scheiblauer from GA on their Green Osell
Bart Schmidt, Carol Schmidt from TN on their Shadeshifter Santana Noventa
Dave Snider, Janet Murrill from TN on their Green Cannondale MT800
Roger Strauss, Eve Kofsky, Elliott Strauss from GA on their Tri-Fade Co-Motion Triplet
Jake Stevens, Pam Stevens from AL on their Black Rans Screamer
John Talani, Susanna Sisk from NC on their Silver/Blue Co-Motion
Jim Thompson, Jan Thompson from Encinitas, CA on their Blue Santana Rio
Thomas Torbert, Margaret Torbert from GA on their Red Cannondale RT3000
Bob Ventura, Sharon Ventura from GA on their Burgundy Santana Soveriegn
Jim White, Jane White from FL on their Red Santana Team
Rich Wolf, Ina Thompson from GA on their Champagne Co-Motion Co-Pilot
Chip Young, Linda Young from FL on their Blue Cannondale RT2000
Ralph Young, Laura Young from TN on their Red Santana Sovereign SE

*Denotes first team to register for the rally.
Teams in RED have attended every Georgia Tandem Rally

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