We only do jerseys every five years and this is the year. Beginning in January, you can get yours.
What will be the hot item at tandem rallies in 2018? A brand new GTR jersey, of course! To commemorate our 20th anniversary ride, we are happy to present a jersey that is bright and can be seen by drivers from a long distance away. You do not have to attend the rally to order jerseys. Get yours and enjoy them for the next five years and beyond.

MANUFACTURER: The jerseys are made by Voler in California. No cheap, hot Chinese jerseys here. Men's and women's sizes in club cut and race cut  will be available as will sleeveless for our Floridian friends with large biceps. You can even order vests and shorts to make a full kit.

COST:  Expect the jerseys to cost around $65 each.

SIZING: Order carefully as this is a custom jersey designed just for you. There are no returns because of sizing. Sizing is comparable to your GTR 2013 jersey if you have one. If you tried on a jersey at GTR 2017 and do not remember your size, please e-mail us and we will let you know if you wrote it on our chart. Here is the official Voler size chart:

If you are attending GTR 2018, you will get your jersey delivered when you pick up your goodie bag at the rally. If you do not attend the rally, we will ship them to you right after GTR ends.

ORDERING: Jersey sales will begin in January of 2018. The ordering deadline is February 28. You will order your jerseys through Voler's website. At the end of April, Voler will ship the jerseys to us and we will distribute them to you.

It's a busy year at the Georgia Tandem Rally!